Control Valves

Additionally, we feature quality control measures analyzing all our productions to help us offer quality ball valves. As a top industrial valve manufacturer, SIO offers electric actuator valves of different designs and materials to ensure that the valves are fast-acting and reliable to promote smooth operations. They are built to provide quick open/close and throttle services and a safe environment for personnel. Various industrial valves can be electrically actuated and they are used in many complex applications, from food and beverage industries to wastewater treatment plants. Emerson’s Knut Riegel shared in this video how smart electric valve actuators accelerate connectivity with plant information systems to support digital transformation initiatives.
Quarter-turn valves include ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves. These types are mostly used as on/off valves that rotate 90 degrees from on to off. They are also referred to as stop valves, shutoff valves, or isolation valves.
van samyang may be installed to store air pressure when spring returns cannot be used . For electric actuators, the required operating speed determines the motor power required. For fluid power actuators , the required operating speed determines the necessary size of supply and exhaust lines in addition to the size of the direction control valve. Electric actuators – quarter-turn – Similar in design to multi-turn electric actuators, the primary difference is that the final element is positioned in one quadrant offering 90 degrees of rotation.
It provides unmatched control accuracy, positioning and repeatability with up to 7760 repeatable positions. It features total electric operation with backlash that is essentially zero. The torque required for the normal opening and closing of the valve is determined by factors such as valve diameter, working pressure, etc. However, the processing accuracy and assembly process of different valve manufacturers are different, so the torque required for the same specification valve is also different.
Electrically operated ball valves are quick to respond and highly efficient, preventing contamination from leaking. PTFE and RPTFE, both highly resistant to pressure, temperature, corrosion, and abrasion, can be used for its valve seat. By now, it is clear that the duty cycles are crucial when it comes to the selection of actuators for electric ball valves. Ball valve selection will depend on the type of working media, ease of maintenance, power consumption, and fast action.