Fish farms: Good, bad, or downright ugly? National Consumers League National Consumers League

So Andreassen and his cousin, Bjorn Vegard-Lovik, started fishing their beloved fjords for wrasse. They eventually built their two-teens-and-a-boat operation into a thriving national business, providing wrasse to salmon farmers all along Norway’s coastline as a natural alternative to pesticides and medicines. By the time Andreassen was 22, they were using their wrasse to create … Read more

Single Temperature Air-Control Pneumatic Valve

In some assemblies the required space can be reduced by as much as 55%. 3-Way Temperature Control Valves, electric or pneumatic actuated. For tighter temperature control, remote sensing, and low-pressure drop. Allied Reliability provides Autocator® electronic control systems that are used with industrial engines, compressors, pumps, and other equipment. Depending upon your needs, these systems … Read more

Control Valves

Additionally, we feature quality control measures analyzing all our productions to help us offer quality ball valves. As a top industrial valve manufacturer, SIO offers electric actuator valves of different designs and materials to ensure that the valves are fast-acting and reliable to promote smooth operations. They are built to provide quick open/close and throttle … Read more

Auto Draft

Some valves are easier than others to mount individually and some can be specified to mount either individually or as part of a manifold. Designers may wish to consider compact, modular, manifold-mounted valves in applications with high pneumatic valve counts. An ability to follow the demand signal from the controller precisely and instantly. This ensures … Read more

Mechanical Damage Assessment for Pneumatic Control Valves Based on a Statistical Reliability Model

The other type introduces a check valve, which allows free flow in one direction, and restriction in the opposing direction. For whatever reason, this valve has hijacked the name flow control all for itself. Compressed air pneumatic systems require methods of safe and precise control of the actuators unique to their accoutrement.At RealPars, we focus … Read more

Social Media Fury Over Animal Abuse Results In Fir On Breeder

Popular pet social media websites might help you get in touch with potential customers everywhere in the world. Social media is all about gathering attention from people, nurturing good relations, and building a community of followers. On Twitter, customers get a chance to speak, focus on, carry live periods, have interaction, and re-post content material … Read more