Mushroom mania: 11 fantastic listens about fungi

For these sessile organisms, vegetative growth is required to explore nearby resources, and spore production is needed for dispersal to new sites. It has been thought that fungal vegetative growth and spore production may be under a life history trade-off (Schoustra and Punzalan, 2012; but see Anderson et al., 2019). Such a trade-off assumes that high vegetative growth rate to explore resources comes at the expense of either rapid or abundant spore production (Gilchrist et al., 2006; Pringle and Taylor, 2002). Stamets is an advocate of what he calls mycoremediation—the use of fungi to remove toxic substances from the environment. Fungi have helped clean up diesel-contaminated soil; they’ve broken down pesticide residues, crude oil, and plastics.
It will continue to cook as it sits even when it’s off the heat, so be prepared to dish it up right away. That’s what helps release the starch from the grains of rice to make that creamy texture you want. Stir after each half cup of broth you add to make sure the broth is distributed evenly, then stir again every 30 seconds or so until almost all the broth is absorbed.
There’s a lot of financial opportunity emerging around fungi in various areas. So there is wariness among these communities, where members are motivated by deepening fellowship and resilience and furthering concepts that run counter to the extractive logic of capitalism. There’s an inherent resistance to the trend [factor] that every new, exciting, and potentially profitable thing is subject to. It’s interesting that we’re discovering fungi at a time when we’re also questioning all of our systems.
White fungus has a sweet taste and bland texture and is traditionally cooked in soups, both sweet and savory. Still, you may enjoy it as an ingredient in other everyday dishes. Additionally, test-tube studies found that white fungus extract may positively influence diabetes-related enzymes and hormones. One test-tube study found that white fungus extract may reduce brain toxicity caused by beta-amyloid — a protein that in high amounts has been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease (18, 19). However, if your body stays in a permanent state of inflammation, it’s called chronic inflammation. This is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer (8, 9, 10).
“We have the Jack-o’-lantern mushroom (Omphalotus illudens), which is highly toxic and can be confused with the Golden Chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius group), [which is] a popular edible species. A fantastic way to get up close and personal with how and when mushrooms grow is to seek them out in the wild. Only touch or eat something you find in the woods if you know with certainty what it is. Consider why they grew, then decide whether you need to get rid of them or can let them be. If your pup does wolf down some fungi, Dr. Domenico’s advice is to monitor your dog.
Because we don’t have a full picture of the diversity of life, our best laid classifications can be (and are) routinely shifted by a newcomer or fresh evidence. Today, we have the luxury of molecular tools for classification, but taxonomic classifications can be traced back before the discovery of DNA, the concept of evolution and the invention of the microscope. Early classifications were limited by the tools (and views) available to them. Emerging, often multidrug-resistant fungus found in healthcare settings that presents a serious global health threat. Caused by the fungus Histoplasma, which lives in the environment, often in association with large amounts of bird or bat droppings.