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Copper can be used on all or part of the roof, say, a prominent window or dormer. It doesn’t crack, rust, or corrode, and it can withstand snow, fire, and winds. Top-tier manufacturers generally boast high fire ratings and impact resistance.
Learn more aboutSheffield Metals’ weathertight warranties in this comprehensive article. At our company, we know the building andinstalling a strong, durable roof is critical to creating a high-quality home. Whether you want the natural stone look of slate or prefer the traditional appeal of clay tiles, our Los Angeles roofing company can supply it. We can help you to determine which style of roof is most suitable for your home.
Barrie Roofing offer the most realistic interpretation of wood shake and slate roofing while being far more affordable than those roofing types. Their main cons are weight—they are double the weight of 3-tab shingles—and cost. Although very durable, slate, concrete and clay tiles can be broken if they have a strong effect, such as falling tree branches or even walking pressure on them. Roofing materials’ durability should be kept in mind and maintenance requirement.
One of the best is synthetic roofing, like that from CeDUR Roofing Shakes. Unfortunately, slate is heavy–meaning not all homes are strong enough to support the weight. They are also expensive, and slate roofs require a specialist to install them, which can be hard to find. Standing seam metal roofing takes careful installation to keep panels from rippling to create clean vertical lines. Installing metal sheets like this is usually more expensive, pricing between $9 and $14 per square foot. Metal roofing feels like a modern choice, but they’ve been around since the 1800s.
This roofing is typically heavy and consists of layers of tar, asphalt, and adhesive made only for flat roofs. Gravel and tar roofs are also made for flat roofs and perfect for heavy roof traffic. Concrete and clay tiles are great if you live in a place where tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes are common. Not to mention, it may help you to cover the energy cost of your home, but this roofing can cost you a lot of money compared to traditional solar panels. More valuable than the manufacturer’s warranty on the roofing product is the contractor’s warranty on the workmanship of installing the roof.
Next, narrow your choices down to the actual type of shingle that best suits your climate and the architectural style of your home. For those interested in a classic appearance of wood shingles, wood shingles from a well-managed forest is a perfect option. Concrete tiles are another solid option for homeowners who like the tiled look. Concrete tiles are made of a mixture of sand, cement, and water molded under high heat and pressure. Concrete tiles are solid and can last for 50 years or more with proper maintenance.
While you want to choose a roof that fits your budget and needs, aim for quality and durability. Flex Tape is strong rubberized waterproof tape that can be used to patch, bond, seal and repair. Environmentally Friendly – Metal roofs are made up 20%-90% recycled material. With superior durability, flexibility and UV resistance, RubberGard™ EPDM is the smart roofing solution for any application.
Expansion and contraction concerns– In climates with striking temperature differences, copper roofing expands and contracts during heating and cooling cycles . Limited warranty options– Coated copper material can come with limited substrate warranty options. However, most bare copper products do not have a substrate warranty. Again, verifying the available warranty options with your manufacturer is always best. Durability– Copper is a durable element and can withstand numerous decades as a roof.